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Where to Shop in Miami

Shopping in the city of Miami simply could not be more fun. There are so many cool malls (indoor and outdoor), swimsuit boutiques, consignment shops, outlets, vintage stores, thrift shops, and pretty much any other kind of stores you can imagine! During the extremely hot summer months, shopping inside air conditioned malls may be your most enjoyable bet, but there are plenty of outdoor shopping strips for those beautiful winter and summer days when the Florida air is more mild.

Hot Spots
There are so many hot spots for shopping around the city of Miami. If you’re set on shopping outside, try the Bal Harbour Shops. This outdoor shopping center includes a Saks Fifth Avenue, a Neiman Marcus, Prada, Valentino, Versace, Chanel, and other high end retailer stores. Another great place to see the cityscape while you shop is the Bayside Marketplace in Downtown. Gap, Wet Seal, Victoria’s Secret, and a Hard Rock Cafe reside in this center. For more homey stores like Target and HomeGoods, definitely dip your feet into the Midtown Miami Shops. As far as indoor shopping, you will find a wide selection in the Mall of the Americas, Southland Mall, and in Aventura Mall.

There are always great deals to be found for the classic retailers in these exciting Miami shopping districts. Find the latest in discounts and savings by applying for each store’s email newsletter, or find a centralized collection of all the latest coupons and store promotions by keeping up with the ShopFully website. The ShopFully smartphone app will also keep you in the loop about how to save, retail area hours, and more.